TradeseC integrates to FIRDS

TradeChannel help clients to streamline their reporting processes and we are now releasing an integration solution to the Financial Instruments Reference Data Systems (FIRDS). FIRDS covers the reference data collection and publication requirements under MiFIR and with the integration in place clients can benefit from an automated process.

“I believe this is a great addition to our solution for Legal Transaction Reporting. Integration to FIRDS improves data quality and ensures that our clients are compliant. It’s great that we can offer solutions that help our clients gain cost-efficiency.”

Nicklas Nilsson, Business Analyst, TradeChannel

Integration to FIRDS – the process

  1. TradeseC import the trades from the trading platform.
  2. The trade is validated
  3. If the trade is missing ISIN it is enriched with data from FIRDS.
  4. The enriched trade is registered in the clients core system
  5. T+1 the transaction is reported to an ARM/NCA

FIRDS integration

What is next?

TradeseC is multi-regulatory platform that enables efficient and scalable reporting. Next regulation in scope is SFTR.

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