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We at TradeChannel believe in creating sustainable integration solutions. Providing integration solutions come with a responsibility – the solutions must work today and adapt for the future.

We want to contribute to a sustainable society that works today and in the future. To achieve this, you need to engage – it requires endurance and long-term commitment. IUG and their amazing work creates the foundation for a sustainable society – this is why we support them. We believe in the work they do and that they can make a change for the better.

Idrott Utan Gränser (Sport Without Borders) helps children to see opportunities through meaningful sports activities, shaping the children’s future beyond the limitations of their social affiliation.

To reach the children, IUG cooperates with local municipalities – giving IUG access to the school’s PE lessons. During the lessons a IUG leader introduces sport activities to the children. Allowing the children to try out sports they would otherwise not try. Each leader receives training in the IUG-methodology – aiming to make sure that the children are being seen and confirmed by good role models. The core of IUG is to acknowledge the children – which makes them grow, believein their own ability and to look positive on the future. 

IUG works with children from all social classes and backgrounds. Arranging activities outside school where the children meet on neutral ground. All with the aim of eliminating the “we” and “they” and to strengthen the children.

Today we entered the competition “Health Business of the Year”. An 8-week long activity challenge where 1 minute of activity = 1 point. The company with the best total average wins. For every point TradeChannel receive in average we will donate 1 SEK to Idrott Utan Gränser.

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