Swedbank expands TradeseC installation and implements both new and extended functionality

Swedbank takes the next step with TradeseC as integration hub (iHub) by incorporating new integrations to their core systems. Among the new functionality are automated fund requests and automated broker matching.

With TradeseC as iHub Swedbank continues to build secure, scalable and cost efficient integration solutions.

“We are pleased to support Swedbank with this integration. It fits our product portfolio very well and will be a great complement to our platform integrations”, says Executive Vice President Carl Zenzén.

“We are happy to extend our usage of TradeseC as a trade capture portal for our institutional clients. The new functionality will simplify and automate our administration tasks, enabling us to process and handle more clients without increasing the administrative burden.”  – Aet Ratsepp, Head of Fund Services, Swedbank LC&I


Enquiries regarding this announcement and TradeseC should be addressed to

Andreas Bergh, Vice President, Head of Sales, TradeChannel AB, +46 (0) 812 13 95 19

About TradeseC

TradeseC is a highly flexible Internet based communication platform that connects internal and/or external data submitters with the clients portfolio management system or DataWarehouse solution. TradeseC adds value to the clients by making the transaction process efficient, thereby reducing cost, operations risk and increasing data quality.

Regardless of portfolio management system, instruments or protocol TradeseC is capable of supporting current and future set-ups of Investment management organizations.

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