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Our solutions are aimed at making your life easier. With custom integration and configuration, we can help your company set up tidy, transparent and compliant integration solutions that we maintain over time. 

All it’s really about is to create a less complex and fragile IT environment so that you can improve your business agility and reduce your operational risks and costs. Be it processes within your Back Office, Middle Office or your IT department, TradeseC simplifies your daily operations. With TradeseC you will always have a flexible way to connect, integrate and distribute your data.

TradeseC is a flexible and highly configurable product that provide a variety of integration solutions, which can be divided into three main areas:

Areas where you can gain efficiency

Investment management

More than 100 external investment managers worldwide report their trades to their fund and asset management clients through TradeseC at T+0, via web portal or fully automatic, system to system.

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System integration

TradeseC securely manages the connectivity, import, validation and distribution of financial data between internal and external applications – TradeseC enables for single point of entry and distribution.

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Regulatory transaction reporting

Aggregate your T+1 Transaction Reporting requirements under one solution. We support reporting for regulations such as EMIR, MiFIR, FinfraG and SFTR.

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To all solutions we provide services


TradeChannel actively monitors and follows up on processes implemented to ensure our clients are compliant. We offer services in all areas where TradeseC is used, enabling our clients to focus on their core operations.

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Investment management

Do you want to create a more efficient process to your external investment managers?

This is where it all began. TradeseC was developed for our client AP7 to capture all externally managed trades at T+0, so they can calculate the NAV as well as to distribute reconciliation files back to the investment managers. Today there are more than 100 investment managers using TradeseC when reporting their trades to our clients. With TradeseC in place you as a client will get a standardised solution, for all your externally managed mandates. TradeseC captures trades at T+0, increases data quality and transparency and reduces internal administration.

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Are you answering a RFP and wondering what TradeseC is?

It can be a cumbersome task for an Asset Manager to replicate externally managed mandates into their portfolio management system. This is why Asset Managers use TradeseC. It gives them a fully automated, transparent and scalable process for all their externally managed mandates. Apart from Trade Capture TradeseC is also used to distribute reconciliation files to the Investment Managers. For you as an investment manager TradeseC provide you with various ways to distribute your daily trade files; manually via WebGUI (single/multi upload) or automatically using TradeseC Connect.

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Looking for a more efficient way to report to your institutional clients?

As an Investment Manager you have a reporting obligation to the Asset Manager or client for whom you invest the money. With TradeseC you can automate this process. Data from underlying environment(s) is captured in TradeseC and available for clients to access either via a web portal or the data can be distributed in client specific file/formats. Regardless of portfolio management system, instruments or protocol, TradeseC is capable of supporting current and future requirements.


System integration

TradeseC offers a standardised solution for system to system integration including connectivity, data capture, validation, alert handling and distribution. The solution improves transparency and control including maintenance and support over time, enabling our clients to focus on their core operation rather then integration challenges.

The scalability in TradeseC enables for various connectivity means to be supported, including various data formats to be captured, either standard ISO20022, SWIFT, FIX or proprietary. The traceability and validation against underlying mandatory data requirements increases control, enabling our clients to pro-actively follow up rather then re-actively take action.

TradeseC as integration hub enables for a high level of automation with various end points, single point of entry and distribution including support and maintenance over time.

Standardised system integrations

Regulatory transaction reporting

Integration through TradeseC supplies a single version of the truth that can be tracked, explored and exported in standardized formats. It gives you increased data transparency and data quality.

With all the regulatory obligations that have come into force following the crisis in 2008 and knowing that more are emerging, regulatory transaction reporting has truly become a strategic issue.

Even when outsourcing, you bear the responsibility to provide assurance to the regulators and your own management team that the reporting data is accurate, timely reported and complete. TradeChannel takes a part of that responsibility and with TradeseC you are sure to be compliant, we monitor for changes from ESMA and other regulatory entities and incorporate those changes into TradeseC. With TradeseC you will only need to set up one infrastructure for regulatory transaction reporting.

TradeChannel Customer Service makes sure that your daily reporting processes are up and running and you will always be alerted if something fails. You can easily track your transactions in our web portal, where you get an overview of what and when it was reported and you will know the status of the transaction at all time.

When looking at your solution for regulatory transaction reporting you should consider:

Maintenance, ability to manage changes, both technical and in content

Transparency, ability to verify that you are compliant

Scalability, ability to incorporate new reporting regims on the same technical setup

Audit, ability to track what has been reported and discover discrepancies

TradeseC supports multiple regulations 


One of the key directives under The European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) is the obligation to report all OTC and ETD derivatives contracts to an ESMA approved Trade Repositories. EMIR trade reporting includes not only data on the transaction itself, but also information on clearing, on-going valuation and collateralisation.


The reporting requirement within FinfraG follows EMIR, there is approximately 95% overlap between EMIR reporting fields and FinfraG reporting fields. All transactions, both ETD´s and OTC’s have to be reported through their lifecycle. All transactions has to be reported to the Swiss regulator, FINMA via an authorised Trade Repository.


With the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) and Markets in Financial Investments Regulation (MiFIR) a new reporting obligation arises. MiFIR’s transaction reporting requirements create new, onerous obligations . The number of reportable instruments increases, just as the context of the trades and the number of data fields.


The EU’s Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) came into effect on 12 January 2016. The reporting under SFTR will start in 2018. Significant technical changes to the market’s existing data flows are required to fulfil the new reporting obligation. Reporting is expected to follow existing EMIR derivatives reporting standards.


TradeChannel's Client Management team monitors and follows up on processes implemented to ensure our clients are compliant. We offer services in all areas where TradeseC is used, enabling our clients to focus on their core operations.

Investment Management

Our clients gives us the responsibility to manage their daily trade capture / distribution processes, we manage these in relation to their investment managers in areas such as;

  • On-boarding of new investment managers
  • Monitoring of trade capture / distribution processes
  • Active support where either client or investment manager has to react.

System integration

Our service agreements are tailored to suite the need of our clients in areas such as;

  • Monitoring of connectivity,
  • Monitoring of data capture processes
  • Change management
  • Active support where either client or 3rd party has to react.

Regulatory transaction reporting

All clients benefit from having a standard solution where we monitor, assess, deploy and test all changes coming from either ESMA or TR. In addition our clients benefit from;

  • Daily monitoring of the reporting process
  • Active support where either client or investment manager has to react.


  • Security / penetration tests (via 3rd party)
    Security updates of the TradeseC platform

Our services are provided on TradeseC , either when installed on site or hosted and are tailored to suite the needs of our clients.

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