New release of TradeseC Connect

TradeseC Connect 3.2

We are pleased to announce the release of a new windows version of TradeseC Connect. The new release has been derived from requests from our clients in combination with TradeChannel’s strategic development.

The new release of TradeseC Connect includes following features for ensuring stability:

New Event functionality

  • New calendar feature – possibility to easily configure and schedule when you want the TradeChannel Connect to run.
  • Max retries – now you can set a maximum of retries if report fail to download. If you want to have unlimited tries that is a possibility as well.
  • Fail control – If TradeseC Connect for some reason fail to download a report, no file will be created – avoiding the risk of interpreting the empty file as a downloaded report.

New Monitor functionality

  • Auto retry – under the ‘Retry interval’ it is now possible to set unlimited number of retries

For acquiring a new release contact TradeChannel Customer Service

About TradeseC Connect

TradeseC Connect is a strategic software utility to TradeseC i-Hub that enables seamless integrations across infrastructures. The software client is installed onsite in an external environment and monitors one or more directories for certain events. TradeseC Connect transfers information automatically with a high level of security to and from the TradeseC server, protecting the information against unauthorized access during transfer. TradeseC Connect is part of the TradeseC Core package.

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