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Meet the management team

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Jonas Färm
Chief Technology Officer
Andreas Bergh
Head of Sales
Carl Zenzén
Chief Operating Officer
Mikkel Mördrup
Chief Executive Officer
Anna Carlsson
Head of Client Management
Philip Jonsson
Head of Business Analysts
Robert Fredriksson
Project Manager
Fredrik Höglund
Head of Special Implementation

Mikkel Mördrup

“I believe in the combination of quality and knowledge. Clients wants a partner they can rely upon”

Mikkel is the CEO of TradeChannel – a leader in helping financial institutions achieve efficient integrations. Mikkel’s goal is to make TradeChannel the agile connectivity partner for the clients and by providing domain knowledge continue to help them obtain efficiency.

After 20 years in the financial industry Mikkel knows the value of combining quality and knowledge. Clients wants a partner they can rely upon. Both in terms of executing but also in terms of knowledge and experience.

In the role of CEO Mikkel put emphasis on releasing the full potential of the employees. Creating a working environment that focuses on quality and encourages own initiative – that is the sustainable foundation for supporting clients now and in the future.

Under Mikkels’ management TradeChannel has moved from focusing on consultancy to become a full-fledged software product company, a company that have the ability to adapt to the ever-changing market and client demands.

Mikkel holds a Cand.scient.oecon. from the University of Copenhagen

Andreas Bergh
VP, Head of Sales

“I believe Integration partners like ourselves are important for our clients, its our DNA and we do it very well!”

TradeChannel is a leading niche provider of agile and flexible integration solutions. In Andreas role as Head of Sales his primarily focus is to earn the trust from new clients and prospects. Andreas know that trust is key in establishing TradeChannel as a new vendor.

After 20 years working with solution providers within the financial industry Andreas strongly believes in creating relationships that base on mutual trust and understanding. Building strong relationships is key when establishing TradeChannel as integration partner to its clients. 

Andreas started at TradeChannel 2012 and was a driving force behind TradeChannel’s journey into Regulatory T+1 reporting. It all started with a “paper tiger” and today TradeChannel serves 13 EMIR and 10 MIFID II clients across the Nordics.

Andreas holds a Master in Economics and Computer Science from the University of Borås

Carl Zenzén

“I firmly believe in working together with our clients in a partnership creates a strong foundation that creates value for both us and our clients.”

In Carl’s role as COO his goal is to create an organisation that provide solutions that is desired by TradeChannel’s clients. Carl firmly believe in creating long-term and sound relations with the clients. Partnerships is the foundation that creates great value for both TradeChannel and most importantly for the clients. As one of the founders, Carl poses a vast experience of various integration solutions which is invaluable for the clients and TradeChannel.

Carl focus is to ensure that the clients receive as much value as possible. The delivery of EMIR and MiFID2 for TradeChannels clients as cost-shared projects have been a huge success for both TradeChannel and its clients. The cost-shared project is a true example of Carl’s interpretation of a valuable partnership – to maintain a good relationship, investments needs to be mutual.

By being part from the start 15 years ago, Carl have operated TradeChannel from being a one-solution company to become a full-fledged solution provider for efficient integrations, with clients in 5 countries.

Carl holds a degree in Computer Science from Stockholm University

Jonas Färm

“Quality is measured in how well we meet customer expectations.”

As Chief Technology Officer Jonas is responsible for the technical design and architecture of TradeseC – a software solution designed to create agile integrations. Jonas goal is to ensure that TradeseC holds the highest quality and that TradeChannel have efficient processes for product development.

To achieve better results Jonas believe in the power of teamwork. Jonas believe that a strong foundation is the starting point for future proof solutions, based on the needs of the clients the solution can be refined over time.

Jonas has 20 years’ experience from the financial industry, working with a variety of types of applications, environments and sizes of projects. The combination of his experience and broad knowledge, working with everything from development, demand management to team management, Jonas have created an efficient and capable development department.

Being trained in ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and the project model PPS, Jonas has secured TradeseC to be a robust platform that is well prepared to meet clients’ needs and any changes that lays ahead in the future.

Anna Carlsson
Head of Client Management

“I believe the level of a company’s customer support is key to a business future success.”

Anna is Head of Client Management. She and her team is responsible for supporting TradeChannel’s customers in their daily operations and providing them with the services they need. Anna believe in proactive support. By building close relationships with the clients, it makes it possible to understand their business challenges and providing a support that is tailored to the client’s need.

Anna knows that the quality of the support that TradeChannel provides its clients determines the future success of the company. Customer satisfaction is the foundation on which TradeChannel can thrive. The daily feedback that the clients give is used to continuously improve the product and services that TradeChannel offers.

Anna’s previous experience from roles in global fast-paced companies have given her the ability to manage new situations and information, and knowing how to act thereafter. Having the experience from roles in relationship management and sales, working with international clients within the investment and banking industry, Anna knows the value of good communication.

Anna holds a Master of Science in International Economics and Marketing from Uppsala University

Philip Jonsson
VP, Head of Business Analysts

 “I believe efficiency and quality are the keys for creating and running competitive organisations.”

In Philip’s role as Head of Business Analysts he is the product owner of TradeseC – a software solution designed to create efficient integrations. With TradeseC and his experience Philip helps the customer design and implement an efficient and trustworthy solution/process that make it possible for the customer to focus on, for them, more relevant things.

Philip believe efficiency and quality are the keys for creating and running competitive organisations. And with over 10 years working in the financial industry Philip knows where efficiency is needed.

Under Philip’s management the Business Analyst team has been created and grown to become one of the key reason to TradeChannel’s success in recent years.

Philip holds a Degree of Master of Science in Major Economics from Uppsala University

Robert Fredriksson
Project Manager

“Our strength is that we work together with our customers to ensure that we meet their needs”

Robert is the connection between the clients and TradeChannel’s development department. In his role as Project Manager he is well integrated into the client’s everyday life. Knowing how much the clients value flexible solutions, he works commited trying meet the demand in every project.

Robert believe in being the prestigeless link between the client and TradeChannel. Having experience of working for clients of TradeChannel, Robert has the valuable ability to be both the voice of the client and the voice of TradeChannel.

Under Roberts management the implementation of the MiFIDII project, the largest project in TradeChannel’s history, became a success

Robert holds a Degree of Master of Science in Major Economics from Uppsala University

Fredrik Höglund
Head of Special Implementation

“A good dialog together with the clients is essential for reaching the best solution.”

As Head of Special Implementation Fredrik is in constant dialog with the clients; listening and trying to comprehend their current and future needs so TradeChannel can implement, for them, the best integration solutions. Fredrik know that a dialog together with the clients is essential for reaching the best solution.

With almost 20 years of experience, working in various positions, Fredrik have gained a profound understanding of the daily processes of an Asset Manager. With the combination of Fredrik’s knowledge and the power of TradeseC, Fredrik is dedicated to provide a service that makes the client’s day smoother, every day.

With Fredrik’s dedication, he became a key player in making the implementation of MiFIDII such a success.