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Integration partner within the financial industry

We are a product vendor, specialized on developing, implementing and maintaining integration and distribution of data solutions for financial companies, banks, fund and asset management companies.

Investment Management

System integration

System Integration

Regulatory Transaction Reporting

Regulatory Transaction Reporting

Worried regulatory requirements will hike your costs? 

Learn how Elo avoids a hundredfold increase in operating costs with TradeChannel

TradeChannel News
December 18th 2018
Season's greetings
Instead of treating our customers and ourselves with Christmas presents, we consider it better to give to those who are less fortunate. This year we support Barncancerfonden, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Read more
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Industry news
December 14th 2018
FlexTrade to Apply Corvil’s Analytics to Client Performance
Corvil to Help FlexTrade Users Optimize Executions FlexTrade, a multi-asset execution and order management systems (OMS) vendor, is using Corvil Analytics as a way to improve client performance across FlexTrade’s trading solutions, officials say. The combination will enable FlexTrade to provide clients with Corvil’s machine-time analytics, which allows FlexTrade to identify areas for optimization that […]

Areas were you can gain efficiency

For us it’s all about helping you to create a less complex and fragile IT environment so that you can improve your business agility and reduce your operational risks and costs.

Investment management

More than 100 external investment managers worldwide report their trades to their fund and asset management clients through TradeseC at T+0, via web portal or fully automatic, system to system.

System integration

TradeseC securely manages the connectivity, import, validation and distribution of financial data between internal and external applications – TradeseC enables for single point of entry and distribution.

Regulatory transaction reporting

Aggregate your T+1 Transaction Reporting requirements under one solution. We support transaction reporting obligation regulations such as EMIR, MiFIR, FinfraG and SFTR.


TradeChannel actively monitors and follows up on processes implemented to ensure our clients are compliant. We offer services in all areas where TradeseC is used, enabling our clients to focus on their core operations.